While most people know Holly Gibbons as a beautiful blonde girl from the UK, she’s also quite the animal activist.

She’s been in Playboy magazine, the daily Star,a page 3 girl, Zoo, Nuts and is a UK glamour model. When she’s not modeling she’s busy working as a pole fitness instructor! How hot is that? I can just imagine her amazing body on a stripper pole.

Holly Gibbons July 2016

Holly Gibbons was born on October 14, 1986 in Eastbourne, East Sussex in the United Kingdom, where she still lives to this day.

She’s a very active model. Here she in the Daily Star from May of 2016. She was also a page3 girl on July 4th.


In addition to still modeling nude, she is also webcamming at various sites from time to time. In fact she did a show just today (July 31, 2016). So no, despite some rumors, Holly Gibbons is still very active and that’s just the way we like it as we can’t get enough of our favorite UK Glamour Girl!